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About Jason Kirtley


I started out in interactive design in the early 90s, working in CD-ROM and touch screen kiosk design. As the web began to take shape around the mid-90s my interest in it had peeked, and I gravitated towards designing for it. I have worked for various web/advertising agencies over the years, as well in a solo setting. I've been designing for the web now for around 17 years. I have seen many changes in the web over the years and I continue to be passionate in what I do.


I consider myself to be a design chameleon, I adapt my design style to the needs of every project, always keeping focus on the end user - as well as the clients vision.


In recent years I have seen not only my work on web related projects evolve, but also a shift towards working much more in the mobile environment as well. I really enjoy the challenges and settings that mobile design presents. As technology continues to evolve and change, I am excited to see what new products will evolve with design needs as well. In the past I showed many more years of back catalog of my work, but with this redesign I decided to simplify it down to the last 4 years, as I feel it is a good snapshot of relevant and recent work.


I enjoy projects of all types and sizes, be it web, mobile or something totally new. If you have a project that you would be interested in talking about, I'd love to hear more about it.




I strongly believe in and promote dog and animal rescue. Here are some great efforts I like to share:


The Unexpected Pit Bull

Pit Bull Bad Rap

Rescue Ink

Knock Out Dog Fighting

Hearts United for Animals

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